Call for Submissions: The Survival Issue: Saraba Magazine

Writing Opportunities

Saraba welcomes submissions for its seventeenth issue on the theme of “survival.”

A word from the 1590s, “survival” implies the “act of surviving,” of “continuation after some event.” To “survive” suggests to outlive, and to continue in existence after the death of another. From Latinsupervivere, “live beyond, live longer than”; from super “over, beyond” + vivere “to live.”

We expect submissions that respond to the possibilities of living beyond, in spite of, within.

We accept fiction, poetry and nonfiction. ONLY Submit your work using Submittable.

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Writing October – StoryMoja

Writing Opportunities

The Storymoja Writers’ Blog is back! For guidelines on what, when and where to submit, please see our submission guidelines.

For October, please send in your short stories which should not be less than 1200 words; not more than 1600 words long. Send in your work in a word document attachment to Subject Title of your Submission Email Should Be October Short Story.

Deadline: October 21st 2014.

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