Poetry from the #AWW14 team

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The AWW14

As I have mentioned before, the FEMRITE/AWDF women’s writing workshop in July this year was a life-changing experience. Look at these women!

In the spirit of promoting new and exciting voices, I’ll be dedicating a post a week to sharing some of their writing with you. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

This week, I’ll be focussing on poetry they’ve shared. Click on some of the links below. Keep in mind that all of these poems have been written since 1 August 2014. If this doesn’t encourage you to join a writing circle and keep motivated, I don’t know what will.

Kechi Nomu (Nigeria) – Other Valuable Angles and Urban mornings for people who have nowhere to go

Tendai Garwe (Zimbabwe) – The Rain has brought a curse and They are telling lies

Ritah Atwonyeire (Uganda) – I am not your punching bag

Comfort Mussa (Cameroon) – Dawn and Shut up

Florence Khaxas (Namibia) – It’s my write

Jen Thorpe (aka me 🙂 ) (South Africa) – The in-between, #Rapists is now trending in SA, Order in the Mother City, Feminist Biko