Call for submissions: Imagine Africa 500

Writing Opportunities

The Story Club Malawi in partnership with Panafrica Publishers Ltd; An
African publisher based in Malawi, is pleased to announce a call for
submission to the anthology IMAGINE AFRICA 500.

We urge writers from all over the African continent and in diaspora to
give us their dreams, their dreads, their hopes, their fictions about
the future in Africa in 500 years from now.

To participate, send us your short story, on any theme, about Africa
set 500 years from now. The 10 best short submitted works will be
published in the anthology shortly thereafter. All writers who submit
their work will hear from us.

Submission details:
1. Submission deadline is March 15, 2015 at 12:00 midnight.
2. A short story of between 3000 – 3500 words.
3. Must be in English
4. The story must be un published
5. On any subject but it should be about Africa and set 500 years from now
6. The authors must be born in Africa, or nationals of an African
country, or whose parents are African.
7. Authors must submit a short biography of themselves. 300 words maximum
8. All submissions should be sent to
9. Submission is limited to two stories per author
10. All submission should be in Microsoft Word; Use a single, clear
font, 12 point size. The best to use is Times New Roman.
11. Use clear black text on a white background.
12. Include your name and contact information at the top left of the
first page. Put an accurate word count at the top right. Put the title
half-way down the page, centred, with “by Your Name” underneath. Start
the story beneath that.
13. Put your name, story title and the page number as a
right-justified header on every subsequent page, in the format
Name/Title/Page Number.
14. Left-justify your paragraphs. Right margins should be “ragged”.
15. The Story Club is a new initiative in Malawi and is currently not
funded; we hope to use the funds realized from this publication to
publish subsequent anthologies. As such we will not be able to pay
writers for accepted submissions.
16. By participating the authors are permitting the Story Club to
submit the stories to such competitions as the Caine Prize and other
available prizes.
17. All copy rights remain with the writer.


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